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KZSM brings San Marcos into focus through programming created by people who live here. Our mission is to present news, views, ideas, & music that reflects the diversity of our city. KZSM works to engage you, entertain you, & enlighten you through a broad spectrum of programming.

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About KZSM

What is KZSM?
We are a volunteer-driven station without the restraints of commercial radio or public radio. Support us in our efforts to ensure San Marcos’ radio listeners have a choice in what they listen to and a part in creating programming reflecting that choice. KZSM is YOUR station!

What can I do to help?
Great question!

We would love for you to volunteer in whatever capacity you’re willing at the station, live events, fundraisers, and more. To begin, we invite you to join our official Facebook group for volunteers (click here) or email StationManager@kzsm.org !

How can I underwrite/sponsor the station or a show?
KZSM is able to accept corporate and individual underwriting! For more information, please email StationManager@kzsm.org
How can I have my own show?
All questions regarding how to host your own show on KZSM should be directed to StationManager@kzsm.org!
Who is on the board?
All business of SMTXCRA shall be exercised by or under the authority of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may delegate authorities to individual Members, ad hoc Committees of the Board, and any staff through written policies. All members of the Board of Directors shall be ex officio members of any committees or subcommittees.
The Members of this organization are as follows:

David (Dave) M. Newman – President
Robby (Rob) E. Roark – 1st Vice-President
David Wendel – 2nd Vice-President
Shannon Dorn – Secretary
Cathy James – Treasurer
Tony Wilson – At Large
Cody K. Day – At Large

Click HERE to download a PDF of the complete San Marcos Texas Community Radio Association bylaws

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216 N. Guadalupe
San Marcos, TX 78666

KZSM 104.1 LP-FM

216 N. Guadalupe
San Marcos, TX 78666